Terms and Conditions

1. Buyer and Seller Information

Buyer, for the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, means a customer - a natural or legal person.

For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, the seller is the operator of the website www.patecnici.cz , the company TOP COURSES, LLC, 400 Rella Drive 123-298, Montebello, NY 10901, USA.


2. Information about products and services

Information about products and services is available in Czech on the website. Products and services are made available after successful completion of the purchase.

3. Copyright protection

Electronic products and services are intended for the personal use of the Buyer. The products and services that the Seller sells through the website, including their content, are subject to copyright protection. Their further dissemination as a whole or their parts is prohibited without the consent of the copyright holder. The Buyer is liable to the Seller as a distributor representing the copyright holder for any damage caused by copyright infringement.


4. Order and purchase

The buyer places the order electronically by filling out the appropriate form on the website. By sending the form, the Buyer expresses his consent to these General Terms and Conditions as well as to the processing of personal data.


5. Order cancellation

The cancellation of the order will occur automatically if the order amount is not paid by the specified due date. The maturity date is set at seven calendar days from the order.


6. Payments

The Buyer chooses the payment method when filling out the order form. After sending the form, the system redirects the Buyer to the next page according to the selected payment method. The payment is successfully completed by displaying a confirmation message and sending it by email. In case of unsuccessful payment, the Buyer is informed by a message displayed on the payment page and sent by email.

Payment methods are connected to STRIPE's payment gateway, which provides secure online payment processing technology. You enter the numbers of payment cards, credit cards and passwords for electronic banking using STRIPE's encrypted channel.

Recurring annual payment

The seller uses automatic recurring payments by card to pay the membership fee. By filling out the sales form, the Buyer undertakes to pay the regular annual membership fee in the amount clearly stated on the order for the entire duration of the membership. By filling out the sales form, the Buyer gives consent for the membership fee (in the amount clearly stated in advance) to be automatically charged to the Buyer's payment card with which the first payment was made every 365 days (starting from the date of the order), for the entire duration of the club membership.

Automatic payment notification

The buyer is always clearly informed on the sales page of the product about the amount of the regular annual fee as well as the way in which it is possible to terminate the membership of the club and thus stop repeated billing of payments. In the event that the Buyer completes an order that includes a recurring payment, the Seller will send him a confirmation of setting up the recurring payment within two working days of making the first payment via the e-mail specified in the order. At the same time, the Buyer is notified of this fact by e-mail to the address he specified in the order, along with clear instructions on how the Buyer can cancel repeated payments, seven days before the automatic charge is due.

Termination of club membership and cancellation of automatic payment

Membership in the Friday Club can be terminated by the Buyer at any time by contacting customer support at support@patecnici.cz. By terminating the membership of the club, the regular payment is canceled and the membership fee will no longer be charged. By terminating membership in the club, the Buyer waives all the privileges and benefits that membership in the club brought him. In the case of cancellation of membership, access (after the expiry of the paid membership period) will be definitively terminated.


7. Money Back Guarantee

When ordering a product or service, the Buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason within the time limit indicated on the sales page of the given product (at least 14 days). Withdrawal can be done electronically - by sending an e-mail to the address podpora@patecnici.cz with a statement that the Buyer is withdrawing from the contract and attaching a copy of the invoice. A credit note will be sent to the buyer with an amount corresponding to the purchase price of the online course. The amount will be returned within thirty days of sending the credit note to the Buyer. The amount will be refunded by bank transfer.

Any complaints or objections can be raised electronically by the buyer at any time - by sending an e-mail to the address podpora@patecnici.cz. There is no special form for submitting a claim or objection. However, it must always be clear from the Buyer's statement what the claim or objection is and what method of settlement it requires. The Seller will decide on the submitted claim or objection no later than thirty days after its receipt. The buyer will be notified by e-mail, including the justification.


8. Delivery of the product / making the service available

After successful execution and confirmation of payment, the purchased product or service is made available to the Buyer online.


9. Complaints - non-delivery of the product / non-availability of the service

If the Buyer has received a confirmation message about the successful payment for the product or service and the product or service has not been made available, or if some other problem has occurred, the Buyer will contact the Seller at support@patecnici.cz .


10. Personal Data Security

The Seller declares that all data about the Buyer obtained as part of the order and delivery of products and services are stored in a secure database and the Seller will not provide them to third parties. The Buyer may at any time request the Seller to delete the Buyer's personal and/or company data from the Seller's database. The seller will comply with it immediately.