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New Courses

Mysterious Judaism

Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask
Dive into the secrets of Jewish culture

Diets as modern mysticism

Katerina Cajthamlova
How to rationally improve your health?

History of Ancient Civilization

What did the ancient civilization give us?
This era gave our civilisation many important values such as democracy.

Our Courses

Radkin Honzák
even in today's accelerated time full of changes?

History highlights

Jaroslav Cechura
Discover fun facts from late medieval and modern history.
How to better understand yourself and today's world on the basis of phenomenology?
Would you like to learn about the secrets of the universe from an award-winning scientist?
Akademie české historie

Academy of history

Petr Pithart, Petr Cornej, Petr Hora Horejs, Jaroslav Cechura
Learn easily and comfortably about history and understand current events happening around us.
What is faith? How is it related to religion and Christianity? These three phenomena meet and diverge throughout the entire history of mankind.

Philosophical guide to the contemporary world

Vaclav Němec, Daniel Kroupa, Martin Beck Matustik, Miroslav Petricek
Six lectures on political philosophy and philosophical ethics.
Series of six lectures about our environment.